WhatsApp Hack/Spy Tool Review & Download

WhatsApp HackThere are quite a number of apps in the market that can be used to spy on Whatsapp. With such programs, you will be able to hack on another wapp contact; to view written messages and check out calls taken by the person. With millions of people utilizing this messaging tool as a chatting application, there may be a need to know what exactly someone is chatting about for example if you suspect your spouse of cheating. When searching for a spy app to use for the tracking job, it is important to make the right decision in terms of price and features on the given app. Much as there are free ones out there, they may not offer you the kind of spying result you may want. In case you are not sure if Continue reading “WhatsApp Hack/Spy Tool Review & Download”

Softrack Review

SofTrack SofTrack is an concern application audit and control integrated system for Novell NetWare and Microsoft Windows OS which can help you to:

1. Take access of Concurrent programs Usage.
2. Identify the exact number of workstations very quickly where app is installed and is if it’s not currently used – providing you to delete unused files and save funds for your next maintenance or upgrades.
3. Terminate the risk of copyright reports by prohibiting un-allowed software installations. Your members will no longer be possible to install any program without your permission. Addon to this, SofTrack’s control will prevent installation and/or modification of executable files by viral infection special system.
4. Block renaming of .EXE and .COM files – in every parts of operating system, program windows, servers, etc. Continue reading “Softrack Review”

8 Best Android Antivirus Apps on Market

Antivirus apps AndroidNo one wants to be infected with an antivirus when there is a way to put a stop to it. These apps listed below are one of the most popular ones in the market today. Each comes with its own set of benefits and drawbacks. However, below, we shall have a look at 8 tools to look out for.

360 Security-Antivirus Boost

Not only is the 360 Security-Antivirus boost free but is also quite effecting in helping protect your device against viruses and malware. With over 100 million downloads and over 10 million ratings going for an overall rating of 4.6 stars, you can’t help but marvel at its popularity! The app comes with a number of features such as the anti-theft feature and the ability to scan your device files for any malware. In addition, it is possible to enjoy real-time protection with this one if you enable the real-time protection feature. For those who wish to lock certain apps on their devices; you will be glad to know that you can do so with the 360 Security tool. There is an lock feature available that lets you enjoy password protection for any app you may have on your device.

Avast! Mobile Security & Antivirus

This is one of the near-perfect anti-malware protection apps on the market. With the Avast! Mobile Security & Antivirus program you get to choose between a paid version and a free version. Of course the paid version does come with a lot of goodies such as a customizable blacklist, options for rooted phones and a privacy adviser among others. The paid version goes for $15 per year. With this app, you get to enjoy a well-organized interface that is also very user-friendly. Continue reading “8 Best Android Antivirus Apps on Market”

PS3 emulator Android Review & Download APK

Hi everyone! Today we are going to review the PS3 Emulator application made for Android operating system. This huge SONY’s gaming platform with thousands of masterpiece titles is now available to run as a small mobile phone app. Who would even believe something like this will ever happen? A truly miracle to all gamers.

PS3 Emulator Android apk

Auto-Detecting Configuration System

One of its awesome features is depends on what device it’s installed it will auto-configure its graphic settings to provide you running games on their full speed and FPS frame. Means there will no be slowly motions if you have some older smartphone. On devices with less quality specifications a GFX quality will be lower then on newer most powerful ones. This is brilliant because anyone can enjoy playing games with full satisfaction!

Download PS3 Emulator Here. There are versions available for PC (Windows) and Mac as well there. Apple iOS one is still in progress so as soon as their developers get it done we will post updates here. Stay tuned.

What is more great about this software is thing that Continue reading “PS3 emulator Android Review & Download APK”

Autopurge App – About & Download

Autopurge applicationAutoPurge focuses on the timely and permanent removal of unneeded files. The program offers three methods for accomplishing this: 
1. Files can get a ‘Purgeable’ flag at the moment of creation. These files will, after being deleted (either manually or by another program) be removed from the file-server completely, and can not be salvaged by the SALVAGE command.

2. Deleted files can be automatically removed from the harddisk at preset times. These files can be selected through a wide array of attributes. Continue reading “Autopurge App – About & Download”

AdRem Server Manager Review

screenshotAdRem Server Manager is a NetWare server management product that allows you to manage the whole server in a Windows GUI. In preparing the review, we asked what is this one? what are its capabilities? and who are the users of this software?

What is this program for?
As we have stated already AdRem Server Manager is a NetWare server management tool that allows you to manage your NetWare servers from a Windows workstation. It was developed by AdRem Software

What are it’s capabilities?
This area is where we can spend a lot of time. Do you remember old Onsite Admin Pro? Multiply its functionality by ten and you’ll get the real value of AdRem Server Manager! You can configure and distribute server parameters to multiple servers from a central location, monitor user activity, graph CPU utilization, Continue reading “AdRem Server Manager Review”