WhatsApp Hack/Spy Tool Review

WhatsApp HackerThere are quite a number of apps in the market that can be used to spy on Whatsapp. With such programs, you will be able to hack on another wapp contact; to view written messages and check out calls taken by the person. With millions of people utilizing this messaging tool as a chatting application, there may be a need to know what exactly someone is chatting about for example if you suspect your spouse of cheating. When searching for a spy app to use for the tracking job, it is important to make the right decision in terms of price and features on the given app. Much as there are free ones out there, they may not offer you the kind of spying result you may want. In case you are not sure if you wish to spend money on a given tool then you can utilize the free trial version of the app before actually purchasing it.

WhatsApp hacking tool not only helps you to track on your contacts but it can also help you control someone’s. This means that you can change their profile picture, status update or even send a chat message to a given number. Now this is quite interesting. Most of the spy applications of this kind do not offer you these functionalities. But this exciting new application gives you full control over other person’s account. This is why we consider this new software a much better choice than what we have already seen in past.

With it, you get an undetectable application that you can use to trace on different aspects of a person’s WhatsApp account. You will have to install the app on your target’s phone which means that you need to have access to the phone for a few minutes. Once installed, you should be able to monitor the person’s incoming and outgoing messages. In essence, you will get a log of all activities that occur on the target device. No more do you have to wonder at deleted messages because you too will have access to them before they hit the bin.

So, what are you waiting for? You have an ultimate WhatsApp spy application which gives you command over almost everything. We would highly recommend you to use this one but only for the right purpose.

Softrack Review

SofTrack SofTrack is an concern application audit and control integrated system for Novell NetWare and Microsoft Windows OS which can help you to:

1. Take access of Concurrent programs Usage.
2. Identify the exact number of workstations very quickly where app is installed and is if it’s not currently used – providing you to delete unused files and save funds for your next maintenance or upgrades.
3. Terminate the risk of copyright reports by prohibiting un-allowed software installations. Your members will no longer be possible to install any program without your permission. Addon to this, SofTrack’s control will prevent installation and/or modification of executable files by viral infection special system.
4. Block renaming of .EXE and .COM files – in every parts of operating system, program windows, servers, etc.
5. Receive quickly reports of any program with .EXE/.COM file opened and/or modified anywhere in your system on any device, remote or local.
6. Secure the stability of your software skeleton by disallowing modifying moves of apps executable files including these by viral spread ways.
7. find any program run by each environment or user.
8. Revise every opened file by each task in manager and Windows user.
9. Revise every page requested by Microsoft’s® official browser.
10. Revise any file in process and opened including the requesting opened window.
11. Disallow internet browsing via Microsoft’s® Internet Explorer browser while controling to allow local usage.
12. Hardware & Software collection of all your user experience.

Installation is very fast and normal like any other program.

It is suitable for any system from 4 workstations to 500,000+ ones opened.

It has over 12,000 users worldwide since its first release in 1988 as SiteLock.

When you purchase SofTrack full license pack, mention our review here and you will get a FREE Administrator’s button down short or long sleeve shirt completely free (50 USD value).

For download Softrack, click here.
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8 Best Android Antivirus Apps on Market

Antivirus apps AndroidNo one wants to be infected with an antivirus when there is a way to put a stop to it. These apps listed below are one of the most popular ones in the market today. Each comes with its own set of benefits and drawbacks. However, below, we shall have a look at 8 tools to look out for.

360 Security-Antivirus Boost

Not only is the 360 Security-Antivirus boost free but is also quite effecting in helping protect your device against viruses and malware. With over 100 million downloads and over 10 million ratings going for an overall rating of 4.6 stars, you can’t help but marvel at its popularity! The app comes with a number of features such as the anti-theft feature and the ability to scan your device files for any malware. In addition, it is possible to enjoy real-time protection with this one if you enable the real-time protection feature. For those who wish to lock certain apps on their devices; you will be glad to know that you can do so with the 360 Security tool. There is an lock feature available that lets you enjoy password protection for any app you may have on your device.

Avast! Mobile Security & Antivirus

This is one of the near-perfect anti-malware protection apps on the market. With the Avast! Mobile Security & Antivirus program you get to choose between a paid version and a free version. Of course the paid version does come with a lot of goodies such as a customizable blacklist, options for rooted phones and a privacy adviser among others. The paid version goes for $15 per year. With this app, you get to enjoy a well-organized interface that is also very user-friendly.

Avira Antivirus Security

Avira Antivirus Security comes in a free version and a paid version. The paid version goes for $11.99 per year. Some of the features you can expect from this app, depending on the version you choose include- device scanning, the ability to scan the external SD, real-time protection, StageFright Advisor, blacklist features, device admin features and some anti-theft features.

AVG Antivirus Security

AVG Antivirus Security app does also come in a free or paid version, with the paid version going for $3.99 per month or $14.99 per year. Most people are familiar with the AVG antivirus having used it on their PCs. In the play store, from the over 100 million downloads it has had so far, the AVG software stands at a respectable 4.4 rating. With this tool, you get a pretty light one compared to other name-brand options on the market. Some of the features you can expect from this program include the real-time protection, consistent antivirus database updates and device scanning. In addition, you can also expect things such as remote device data wiping, task killer, anti-theft features in addition to being able to keep an eye on things such as storage, data and battery usage.


Although not a very popular app, the Bitdefender does hold its own compared to other antivirus or anti-malware tools out there. With this application, you get two features that scan and clean your device in addition to offering real-time antivirus protection. This light software boosts of simple scanning capabilities that many users will find quite delightful! You can get it free of charge or for the fee of $14.99.

CM Security

CM Security was one of the more popular, free apps at one time but today, even with all the competition it has to deal with, it is still able to hold its own. Over the years, this application has been ranked high on AV-TEST. With it, you get to enjoy one of the better app locks that also include a fingerprint scanner support. On top of locking your programs, you get to enjoy selfies of anyone that tries to snoop around your device. Besides being free of charge, CM Security is also on the lighter side when compared to a number of its name brand competitors.


With the Kaspersky Internet Security for Android, you get to enjoy an unbeatable malware-detection engine. For the price of $14.95 per year, you get to enjoy intense protection on your device. On the downside though, this app is a little on the heavy side, feels clunky and unfinished and is seriously lacking in the strong-protection features that are offered by a number of competing products.

Eset Mobile Security and Antivirus

Eset Mobile Security and Antivirus according to the latest AV-Test report got a whopping 100% detection rate! You can choose between the free or paid version with the paid version going for about $9.99. Depending on the version you choose, from the app’s easy-to-use interface, you can access a number of features such as the anti-theft feature, anti-phishing protection, device monitoring for unwanted use of data as well as advanced call blocking.

Autopurge App – About & Download

Autopurge applicationAutoPurge focuses on the timely and permanent removal of unneeded files. The program offers three methods for accomplishing this: 
1. Files can get a ‘Purgeable’ flag at the moment of creation. These files will, after being deleted (either manually or by another program) be removed from the file-server completely, and can not be salvaged by the SALVAGE command.

2. Deleted files can be automatically removed from the harddisk at preset times. These files can be selected through a wide array of attributes.

3. Files can be deleted at preset times. They can optionally be overwritten prior to deletion, or be completely removed from the hard disk.  When this program is loaded on a NetWare file-server, it will run continuously in the background. The actions of AutoPurge can be monitored through log-files and e-mail. A status-screen can be switched on on the file-server, giving insight in the execution.

You can download the tool by clicking here and test it by yourself.
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AdRem Server Manager Review

screenshotAdRem Server Manager is a NetWare server management product that allows you to manage the whole server in a Windows GUI. In preparing the review, we asked what is this one? what are its capabilities? and who are the users of this software?

What is this program for?
As we have stated already AdRem Server Manager is a NetWare server management tool that allows you to manage your NetWare servers from a Windows workstation. It was developed by AdRem Software

What are it’s capabilities?
This area is where we can spend a lot of time. Do you remember old Onsite Admin Pro? Multiply its functionality by ten and you’ll get the real value of AdRem Server Manager! You can configure and distribute server parameters to multiple servers from a central location, monitor user activity, graph CPU utilization, create disk usage reports, collect and analyze trends, quickly diagnose problems and track NLM utilization. With this app you can schedule time-intensive routine tasks, and simultaneously perform multiple management tasks on more than one server.

Server Manager’s functionality keeps growing. Every time a new version is released, there is some additional functionality put into the product. There are two versions of it: a standalone Standard and a Client/Server version. The standalone Standard version requires no NLM’s to be loaded on the server. The Client/Server version does require two NLM’s to be loaded on the server, but the client piece will load them for you. We found the Client/Server version to have the most functionality, but we were not disappointed with the standalone Standard version either.

Who uses and needs this kind of app?
This program is in wide use by Novell Consulting specialists who face network, server, user, directory and file administrations gages. It is a Novell Consulting experts’ choice for NetWare servers’ tools for management. In real life it is a product for every NetWare Server Administrator need to have better tools to manage their servers. Even administrators who are new to the job can simply learn to use it very quickly.

AdRem Server Manager 4.0 is a great tool that has many capabilities. The developers have done a very nice job designing the product and ensuring it meets the needs of NetWare Administrators. If you are looking for a NetWare server management tool, you must take a serious look at this one.